Privacy Policy

Watask Privacy Policy
Updated on August 2023

This notice describes how we collect and process users’ data through the Watask website and platform (“Platform”).
Watask is a product of Bebke (“Bebke”, “we”, “us”, or “our”).

We are deeply committed to safeguarding the privacy of our users. Trust that we won’t misuse your data.

Registered address: Shvil Hatapuzim 3, Tzoran

Contact email address:

It’s important to note that this privacy notice pertains to our processing activities as a data controller, which includes information related to your account, data collected through the website, and our promotional endeavors.

Table of contents:

    • Required Permissions in Pipedrive
    • Information we gather from you;
    • Third-party Access to Information;
    • Your rights;
    • Security measures;
    • Updates to this Notice

App Required Permissions in Pipedrive

For Watask to seamlessly integrate and function with Pipedrive, we require certain permissions within your Pipedrive account. These permissions are pivotal for the Watask platform to provide its services effectively.

Here’s a breakdown of the permissions we need:

Deals: Full Permission

* This allows us to access, read, modify, and manage your deal data in Pipedrive. With this permission, Watask can help streamline and automate various deal-related processes for you.

Contacts: Full Permission

* Having full access to your contacts in Pipedrive ensures that we can manage, update, and utilize your contact data effectively. This is essential for activities such as communication automation, sending out tailored messages, and more.

Please rest assured, these permissions are solely to enable the platform’s features and functionalities. We adhere to strict privacy standards, ensuring that your data is not misused or accessed without purpose. Your trust is paramount to us, and we always strive to maintain it.

By using Watask and granting these permissions, you acknowledge and agree to this access within your Pipedrive account. Should you have any reservations or inquiries about these permissions, please reach out to us at We’re here to help.

Information we gather from you

This Website and Application collect various types of Personal Data. This includes Cookies, Usage Data, Authorization Data, Payment Information, and email addresses.

Account and profile setup

To make the most of the platform, you’ll need to create an account. During registration, we’ll ask for your first and last name and email address

To utilize the platform’s WhatsApp automation, you will need to connect your WhatsApp by scanning a QR code.

We retain your account data, as detailed below (platform features, payments, and support), as long as you maintain an account with us. Should you end your subscription, we will erase your data 3 months post-cancellation.

Platform features

Using our platform, you can execute various tasks to manage and automate your WhatsApp communications. We gather and process data such as:

  • WhatsApp messages you send, including timestamp, recipient details, and message content;
  • Messages dispatched to other platform users, also inclusive of timestamp, recipient, and content.


Subscription payments can be made via the settings in your account. Payments are recurring until you end your subscription.

Technical support

You can request assistance through our E-mail. We use this information to aid you, enhance the platform, and evaluate our promotional and product efficiency.

Third-party data access

We collaborate with the following external software providers:

  • Analytics tools for marketing research and performance evaluation;
  • Email notification services;
  • Support ticket systems;
  • Cloud storage providers for data management;
  • Advertising providers;
  • Response forms, integrations, and webinar platforms;
  • Personalization tools for our website.

These providers only process personal data based on our directives.


Analytics services help us understand platform usage patterns, including traffic, location data, duration of visits, and other communication metrics.

Such services help track user behavior, and though we gather non-personal information, it’s processed in an anonymous manner for user experience and marketing.

We employ services like Google Analytics for traffic analysis, and Facebook Manager for advertising.

Payment processors

Payments are facilitated by third-party processors. Note that they provide us only with transaction details and confirmations, not your full payment information. They independently handle your payment data, so it might be beneficial to explore their respective privacy policies.

Other disclosures

We may also disclose your information:

  • If mandated by law, during legal processes, or to uphold our rights;
  • In the event of selling or transferring parts of our business or assets to third parties.

We vow not to sell or share your data to third parties unless explicitly mentioned in this notice.

Your rights

European GDPR rights apply to your personal data. This encompasses:

  • Right to object to processing;
  • Right to access your data;
  • Right to verify and rectify your data;
  • Right to restrict data processing;
  • Right to have data deleted.

Security measures

Your data’s security is paramount. We’ve implemented measures to shield your data from unauthorized access, illicit modifications, or disclosure.

Only selected authorized Bebke personnel, instrumental in platform maintenance, can access this data, and they’re sworn to confidentiality.

Updates to this notice

This privacy policy may be updated periodically. We recommend reviewing this page occasionally for any modifications. We will strive to notify you of any major changes.

Last updated: August 2023