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Unlock the Power of Community with Automated Connection Suggestions, AI-Driven Analytics, and More!

User Experience

Automated recommendation systems to provide tailored content to individual users.

Connecting to the World

Integration with external apps and services to provide a more seamless experience.

Increase Engagement

User-generated content tools to promote participation and engagement.

Engage and Interact

Private messaging and chat to encourage communication between members.


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All plans include

Social Networking

Connect members with one another through messaging, friending, and other forms of communication.

AI-driven Interactions

Utilize an algorithm that can identify connections between members and suggest meaningful interactions.


Encourage members to participate and reward them with points, badges, and other incentives.

Content Sharing

Upload, share, and view content from other members.

Event Management

Create and manage events for members to attend.

Group Chat

Create and join group conversations for specific topics or interests.

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My organization's community was struggling to connect with each other until we implemented the algorithm to strengthen our connections. Now we are more connected than ever, and it's helped us to become more productive and achieve more of our goals.

Jane Warren

The algorithm has been a huge help in creating meaningful interactions between members of our community. It has made it easier for us to connect with each other and foster a deep sense of belonging.

Jarrod Nash

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